Your Home for the Watertown Bucks!

Baseball Back in Watertown After 17-year Break
It was all the way back in 1936 when professional baseball and Watertown first met. Even if you didn't realize it, the North Country has been linked to the great game of baseball for almost a century now! That love affair carried on throughout the fifties when the Athletics of the Border League packed the house. But, more than likely, most fans probably remember the Pirates and Indians when thinking about America's pastime and our corner of upstate New York.
Unfortunately, pro ball officially left town in 1998, leaving fans with a whole in their heart. Luckily, that's where the Watertown Bucks come in!
The Bucks are a tribute to that first team to play at the Fairgrounds nearly 80 years ago, they're an homage to the days of Pirates and Indians baseball long gone now. And just the same, the Watertown Bucks are here for anyone, fans or friends or families, looking to create new traditions and new experiences.
Starting in late May and running through August, each and every season, the Bucks will be battling Newburgh, Newton, Old Orchard Beach, Road City and Watertloo. New rivalries will be created, but it'll be that same old and beautiful game we all love. The Watertown Bucks are here, returning professional baseball, like those Bucks from 1936 and the Athletics and the Pirates and the Indians that followed, back to the Alex T. Duffy Fairgrounds. Where it belongs.

Go Bucks!